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We enjoyed your positive energies which radiated (throughout) the entire Conference. Your presentation was a great start to the day and it laid the grounding for the continuation of the proceedings.

I have become a fan of See's Candies, and guess what I will be looking for on my next trip to the States. I certainly hope that our paths will cross again.
--Program Director, Ocean Relocation Services, Tel Aviv
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Our Difference

Three core strengths differentiate us in the area of cross-cultural training and coaching
1- Breadth and Depth of Knowledge and Experience
  • HIA is a boutique company, recognized as a leader in the field of cross-cultural training and coaching.
  • Sheida Hodge has over 27 years of global business experience, and personally conducts many of the programs, actively participates in needs analysis and personally organizes each program to ensure actionable results for clients.
  • Sheida Hodge started her first cross-cultural training company in 1991, and performed pioneering work in this area by researching and teaching cross-cultural communication and negotiation courses at Thunderbird and the UCLA executive education programs.
  • Sheida Hodge was the Managing Director of Berlitz Cultural Consulting Division for close to five years, where she gained valuable experience in directing and managing thousands of training programs worldwide.
2- Continuous Research: Keeping Up With the Know How Leading to Global Success
  • Cross-cultural training programs are a core competency at HIA, differing from many companies that have added cross-cultural training as an ancillary service.
  • At HIA, each training is personally customized, and trainers are chosen based on fit and experience as it relates to the client - we never process through a central dispatching service which could lead to a hit or miss delivery of services.
3- Practical Training and Coaching Tied to Achieving Business Objectives
  • Whereas some other companies merely aim to create sensitivity about differences in etiquette and discuss theoretical cultural values, HIA programs go several steps further to show practical business implications - enabling participants to take the tools they have learned, and use them at work to get immediate and tangible results.
  • HIA hires only the most experienced trainers to address specific business issues - our programs are always substantive and never superficial.

We work with you only in the area of our expertise and
will guarantee our work.
Try us and experience our difference for yourself.

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