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I went to a talk the other day by Sheida Hodge at the Washington State China Relations Council. Ms. Hodge did an absolutely superb job speaking on Chinese cultural issues.
--From a blog posted by an attorney
Cultural Awareness Training
Keynote Presentations:

Sheida Hodge is a motivating and passionate speaker. Her extensive real-world knowledge and expertise result in powerful presentations and keynote addresses.

Sheida speaks on all aspects of succeeding in international business as well as in our domestic multicultural business environment. Keynote topics include:

  • Developing a Global Mindset: Success Strategies to Achieve Business Results
  • Boost Workforce Efficiency: Effective Communication in a Diverse Work Environment
  • Aligning Worldwide Operations: Integrating Different Cultures to Build an Effective Organization
  • The Art of Selling Cross-Culturally
  • Energize Sales and Customer Service Across Cultures and Borders
  • Mastering the Art of Negotiation at Home and Abroad
  • Effective Cross-Cultural Negotiation
  • Building Global Teams: Blending Cultures, Building Strengths
  • Creating Healthcare that Cares: Effective Communication and Customer Service in a Multicultural Environment
  • Creating Worldwide Corporate Cohesion and Commonality to Achieve Business Results
  • Cross-Cultural Strategies for the 2020 Workforce
  • Human Capital Management: Five Keys to Global Competitiveness
  • Communicating and Working Successfully Across Cultures and Borders
  • Dynamic Communication

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