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Many thanks! We derived a great deal of value from your training. Thanks so much again for spending the time to focus on the specific topics relevant to our group.
--Group Program Manager, Mobile, Voice, & Partner Services, Microsoft
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Accomplished Author
• Global Smarts: The Art of Communicating and Deal Making Anywhere in the World, published April 2000 by John Wiley & Sons
• Feng Shui, self-published in 1996 and 1998
• “Culture Shock”, Mobility Magazine, December 1997
• “The Female Factor in International Negotiations,” Purchasing Today, July 1997; “Negotiating in any Language”, November 1996
• “Worlds of Opportunity”, Mortgage Banking, March 1966
• Ms. Hodge has been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, The Orange County Register. Articles regarding Hodge’s presentations have appeared in Mobility Magazine, Purchasing Today, Contract Management, and on Corporate Intranets.

Television Appearances
• Interviewed by Shari Belafonte for cable and internet travel program, May 2000
• Interviewed by Canadian Broadcasting Money World, October 2001
• Appeared on CNBC World, 2002-2003
• CNN online as an expert on international business culture, 2004

Accomplished Presenter
• HR/Corporate Relocation: New York City, “Middle East Insights: Negotiating Across Borders” May 26, 2005
• Plastics Industry Association International Conference: Dana Point California, Keynote Speaker, “ Negotiation and Communication Skills”, April 11, 2005
• Hr Conference: Seattle WA, Keynote Speaker, “Managing Human Capital” February 24, 2005
• HR/ Corporate Relocation Conference- Bound 4: San Francisco, “Changes Within Corporate HR”, November 16, 2004
• Hauppauge Industrial Association: New York, Keynote Speaker, “Cross-Cultural Strategies for the 2020 Workforce,” H.R. Conference, October 19, 2004
• European Corporate Universities Conference: Amsterdam, “Creating Worldwide Corporate Cohesion and Commonality to Achieve Business Results,” April 2004
• Train the Trainer Programs: Colon and Munich, Germany, April 2004
• Human Resources Conference: Brazil, “Managing Teams Across Cultures and Borders,” November 2003
• American Chambers of Commerce: Brazil, “Global Diversity: Managing Across Differences,” November 2003
• National Foreign Trade Council: San Francisco, “Managing Human Capital During and Expatriate Assignment,” January 2003
• American Chambers of Commerce: Japan, “Global Diversity: Crossing Cultural Barriers,” April 2003
• American Chambers of Commerce: China, “Managing Across Differences: Global Communication Skills,” March 2003
• American Chambers of Commerce: Thailand, “Managing Across Differences: Global Communication Skills,” March 2003
• H.R. and Diplomatic Conference: Malaysia, “Global Smarts: Cross-Cultural Communication and Teamwork,” April 2003
• Public Seminars, Corporate Clients: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil “Managing Teams Across Cultures and Borders,” March, April, November 2003
• Public Seminars, Corporate Clients: Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, “Global Communication Skills and Teamwork,” June 2003
• Pacific Northwest Relocation Council: Seattle, “Cultural Opportunities & Challenges: Managing teams across borders,” July 16, 2003
• Intel Corporation: Hamburg, Germany, “Cross-Cultural Communication Skills- German and American Teamwork,” June 2003
• Electronic Arts: Stuttgart, Germany, “ Intercultural management and Teamwork,” June 2003
• SHRM Global Forum: New York City, “Cross-Cultural Negotiations,” March 2002
• Employee Relocation Council: International Mobility Conference, Boston, ”Understanding the Islamic World,” October 2002
• HUGO BOSS, International Conference: Portugal, “ How to Sell and Serve Customers Globally,” April 2002
• Schneider Electric: Executive Coaching, Paris, “Business Communication: French, Spanish , American,” June 2002
• GE Capital: Portland, “Working and Communicating with Indian Colleagues,” July 2002
• Hitachi: San Francisco, “Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Getting Buy-in,” Dec. 2002
• Alcatel: Executive Relocation Coaching, Paris, March 2001
• Sony Electronics: Management Training, Pennsylvania, “Cross-Cultural Negotiations: American-Japanese Negotiations,” August 2001
• Public Seminars: Europe, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, “Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Teamwork,” June and July 2001, 2002
• The American Society for Training & Development: International Conference, “Being Female and Succeeding in the Global Market,” June 2001
• Employee Relocation Council: International Mobility Conference, Anaheim, “Measuring the Effectiveness of the Cross-Cultural Training Programs,” October 2001
• Euro-North Atlantic Conference: New York City, “Establishing Relationships with International Clients,” June 2001
• Tax Free World Association: International Convention, Singapore “Business Communication Without Borders, Across Barriers,” May 2001
• Alstom Power: Corporate Global HR, Meeting, Brussels, “Developing Human Capital for the Global Workforce,” 2001
• The American Society for Training & Development: International Conference, “Developing International Negotiation Skills: Training for the Global Millennium,” May 2000
• The Society for Human Resource Management, San Diego, served on expert panel regarding international issues, April 2000
• Technology Training, Public Seminar: Mexico City, “Mastering the Art of Negotiation,” May and November 1999, and May 2000
• California Healthcare Institute Leadership Retreat: Santa Barbara, “Understanding Cultural Differences: Key to Patient Satisfaction,” April 2000
• The Employee Relocation Council, International Conference: New Orleans, “Global Negotiation Skills”, and “Women in International Business,” October 1999
• American Express: Annual International Meeting, Toronto “Creating an International Team—Integrating Different Cultures to make an Effective Organization,” September 1999

Sheida was the recipient of the 2001 Meritorious Service Award from the Employee Relocation Council for her numerous speaking and writing contributions to ERC. In addition to the above presentations, as the Worldwide Managing Director, of Berlitz Cross-Cultural Division, Sheida consulted with major companies around the world and developed and presentations programs to meet their needs. Sheida was responsible for close to 1,000 programs per year, and was an active participant in ensuring quality and meeting clients’ needs. Due to extensive study and travel, as well as conducting programs all over the world and attending programs on variety of cultures and subjects, Sheida has the capability to conduct programs about doing business across a range of cultures including deep knowledge about specific information on a large number of cultures.


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