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I went to a talk the other day by Sheida Hodge at the Washington State China Relations Council. Ms. Hodge did an absolutely superb job speaking on Chinese cultural issues.
--From a blog posted by an attorney
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What is DISC Assessment?
DISC Assessment is an Internet-based, multiple-choice assessment that is developed and validated by Target Training Corporation. This Assessment is based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston, a Harvard professor who published his influential book, "The Emotions of Normal People" in 1928.
This Assessment, shows how an individual works and interact with others in a working situation. This self knowledge will shed light on how one’s behavior might be perceived by people from another culture and gives strategies for improving intercultural management and cross-cultural communication effectiveness.
From the 20-minute exercise, you will have a report summarizing the results in relation to four different categories of behavior:

  • D, Dominance - Some people are forceful, direct, results-oriented
  • I, Influence - Some are optimistic, fun, talkative
  • S, Steadiness - Some are steady, patient, relaxed
  • C, Compliance - Some are precise, accurate, detail oriented

Many people have two or even three of the above characteristics, but one behavior seems to be the strongest.

There are no “wrong” answers on the DISC assessment, nor is it a measure of a person’s intelligence, indicator of a person’s success, or benchmark of skills, experience, education or training. It is observable behavior and indicates how we work and interact with others in a working situation.

This tool is ideal for determining adjustment factors for international business, multicultural team work and expatriate assignments.

Why the DISC Assessment?

Prior to a Cross-Cultural training or a Coaching session, employee or employees are given a password to access and complete the short assessment exercise. Then, the coach or the consultant and the participant/ participants will work together to devise strategies for more successful work and communication style within the new culture. They’ll review together and discuss how their behavioral style fits within the culture of a new country or international work team.

Having insights into your own behavioral styles and how they translate (mesh) within different cultural situations gives you an edge in international business. The DISC assessment is easily administered via the internet, and we work with you to evaluate the results, recommend action steps, and provide appropriate training when necessary.

Please contact us to take a complementary DISC Assessment.


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