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Thank you for a very instructive and enthusiastic presentation. Many of our members told me that they were very impressed with the information you presented and enjoyed your style of presenting.
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Global Business Solutions

Relocation Coaching

Pre-departure/Post-arrival Family Adjustment and Career Management Coaching

Although human resources departments are becoming increasingly supportive of cross-cultural training for expatriating employees and their families, the effectiveness of this training has not kept pace with the increasing demand for practical, performance-related knowledge and skills. Globalization and increased intercultural contact has created a set of globally accepted business protocols, and employees generally feel much more comfortable in cross-cultural situations. But as business becomes more competitive, expatriating employees must become competent in working and managing in the new culture. We need to raise the bar; instead of generalities, cross-cultural training must be tied to improving performance and bottom-line results.

Expatriating employees and frequent business travelers must learn how to work and achieve results in new cultures so they can get more and more work done every day. Higher productivity leads to better results for the organization in many ways: when the expatriates are empowered by specific knowledge that relates to their work, they are in control instead of being overwhelmed by inexplicable situations or constantly taking remedial actions. Human beings are very resilient and most will eventually learn, but your organization will be much better off if employees deal with a smooth learning curve.

Transferees and their families receive adjustment strategies to living and working in the new country as well as in successfully managing their careers in the new work environment. Our programs will help to avoid costly mistakes that drain resources and to facilitate successful accomplishment of company goals during the new assignment.

The following programs are available:

  • Half-day Family Adjustment Pre-departure Coaching
  • Half-day Pre-departure Intercultural Management and Work-related Coaching for the Working Spouse
  • Half–day Post-arrival Intercultural Management and work-related Coaching in the new country with continued telephone and e-mail contact for the first six months
  • Half-day family orientation and mentoring in the new city

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