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The feedback has been quite positive and I foresee us utilizing (Sheida Hodge) for other programs. She teaches various global business issues. The person that attended for my group had nothing but great things to say. I have a feeling we'll be bringing her in before our next big Asia trip.
--Director, Marketing Group, Microsoft
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WSCRC Offers Cross-Cultural Training — Expanding Services to the Washington State Business Community

We'd like to announce an exciting new collaboration between the Washington State China Relations Council (WSCRC) www.wscrc.org and one of its member companies — Hodge International Advisors www.hodge-ia.com — experts on cross-cultural business skills. WSCRC — together with Hodge International Advisors — will soon be bringing customized training programs to WSCRC members to help them build business and trade relations with China more effectively. WSCRC and Hodge International Advisors have already collaborated on executive training programs with Microsoft, which Microsoft praised for their effectiveness.

Joe Borich, Executive Director of WSCRC, noted these programs are an excellent resource for members who can leverage their Council membership to their business advantage. Services include training on Chinese business etiquette, communication, and negotiations as well as cultural coaching for executives relocating to China, or Chinese employees who are on assignment in the United States . Cross-cultural training is another example of how the WSCRC brings valuable knowledge and services to its membership and the business community.

Discover how cross-cultural training can help you build more effective trade relations and international partnerships in China.

Please Contact: Joe Borich via e-mail and borich@wscrc.org, Scott Heinlein via email at Heinlein@wscrc.org, or phone the WSCRC at 206-441-4419. You can also contact Sheida Hodge via email at sheida@hodge-ia.com or phone 206-232-0501.

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